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Ensuring parties an optimal arbitration experience for matters of all sizes and complexities.

Adaptable / Scalable / Streamlined / Secure

The next generation of arbitration

iJudicate streamlines the entire arbitration process, from managing case progress to facilitating communication with parties, while preserving the confidentiality of your work.


iJudicate has chosen RelativityOne to provide data processing and eDiscovery tools on demand. Capitalize on the potential for significant cost savings and the added benefits that common neutral processing provides. Realize decreased hosting charges and other savings that continue through hearings.

iJudicate, powered by E Lex Ratio

Powered by E Lex Ratio, iJudicate offers a complete case management and hearing room solution, providing secure access to essential evidence, transcripts, and other case materials, as well as your confidential and privileged notes, orders, and decisions. iJudicate supports in-person, hybrid or fully remote proceedings.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure in Canada, advanced security measures, ensure the protection of sensitive and privileged information.

Enjoy a superior and optimized arbitration experience.